Dr. Xenia R. Emperador-Garnace

การศึกษา: Doctor of Philosophy in Language Education (Magna Cum Laude).

Xenia Ribaya Emperador-Garnace, Ph.D. is an English Language Lecturer at the College of Local Administration, Khon Kaen University. She completed all her degrees in Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines namely: AB Communication, MA in Language Education (Cum Laude), and Doctor of Philosophy in Language Education (Magna Cum Laude). 


Her research interests include topics on English as Second Language, English as Foreign Language, Multicultural Communication, and Language Assessment, among others. Her research centering on Korean English language learners has been presented in an international conference in Thailand in 2013, and was published in Germany in 2015.  In 2017, she was awarded the Best Presenter in an international research conference held in Malaysia, where she presented her study on Augmentative and Alternative Communication. The following year, the same study was published in an international journal.  Her research titled Speaking Assessments in Multilingual English Language Teaching was also published last May 2021 in Asian EFL Journal, a SCOPUS-Indexed journal.


She is a licensed professional teacher, research reviewer and editor, and a seasoned speaker on language and communication topics. For more than twelve years, she taught several Communication and basic and professional English courses to undergraduate, graduate, and Chinese learners in the University of Baguio, Philippines. In February 2023, she was an exchange teacher in KKU-COLA, Thailand.


Prior to her stint in the academe, she served as a broadcast reporter and online news correspondent for ABS-CBN. One of her notable achievements as a journalist include her nomination as Best Reporter in the 2007 KBP Golden Dove Awards for her story on the Julia Campbell Murder Case. 


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